About me

I see beauty in everyday things, and my passion is making useful and beautiful designs of them.

I enjoy making things with my hands, both using traditional methods and utilizing modern technology. I have always been a maker, creating things that I need, or like to have. To me, limitations are challenges to solve, and I always appreciate a good puzzle. Many things I have made ended up with grateful family and friends and from time to time I do commission jobs.

I love good tools. Hardware and DIY stores are my Disneyland :)

I am an extremely curious person and am always eager to learn. Mostly self taught, I also took courses on welding, silversmithing, screen printing, art, and photography, each of which holding dear place in my heart.

Besides making things, I love swimming every day, and I also enjoy playing badminton. I sometimes also play guitar and ukulele. Though I am not that good at it, it always makes me happy when I play.